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Need an easy way to give your bedroom a facelift? Our small double headboards are the perfect way to transform your bedroom with ease! A fabric headboard helps you turn your bed into much more than just somewhere to sleep without all the hassle that can come with furniture shopping. With our wide range of swatches, you can create a custom headboard that fits right into your home, and add some cosiness to your bed.

Our small double headboard size is ideal for compact spaces, as you can have all the advantages of a larger bed while in most bedrooms. We have a large selection of different headboards that allow you to get exactly what you’re after even if you’re low on space. If you’re not too sure about investing in a double or even a king bed, but still want your bed to be stylish, then our small double headboards are a great solution!

Space-saving and stylish, our small double headboards range in design and let you give a smaller bed a big makeover. If you’re transitioning your teens from a single bed, or if you just want to upgrade to a bed with more room to stretch, a small double headboard is a cost-effective way to get a brilliant looking bedroom! 

Our designs are created and crafted by our team, and we’re proud to have high quality and great looking headboards that suit everyone. If you’ve got your heart set on a subtle accent headboard to complete your room, then our Curve floor standing headboard is just what you’re looking for. If a modern look is more your style, then why not take a look at the Cube floor standing headboard? No matter what your style is, here at Nimbus beds, we have a headboard you need to revitalise your room!


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