Double Mattresses | Nimbus Beds

Need a tried and true mattress that’s a great fit for most rooms and gives you all the advantages of a larger mattress without taking up the whole room? Then our double mattress size is what you need. Far and away from the most popular mattress size, the double mattress gives solo sleepers enough space to lounge, and for couples, there’s plenty of room to share.

The beauty of a double bed mattress is that they make for a great middle of the road option that fits nicely in most rooms, so everyone can experience the comfort of a larger mattress while being able to move comfortably around your bedroom! We stock mattresses with a large variety of firmness, so you can find the best double mattress for you.

Here at Nimbus beds, we design and create all of our mattresses. Bespoke made to ensure high-quality and maximum comfort for everyone, our mattresses are all designed to provide unbeatable snugness for a great night's sleep. We have a selection of mattress types, so if you want to for a pocket sprung double mattress that gives you unbeatable support then we’ve got you covered.

No matter which mattress you go for, we have a type that’s just right for you. If you prefer a firm double mattress, our Comfort Gel 2000 gives incredible support and wonderfully clever (if we do say so ourselves) thermodynamic technology that keeps you at a perfect temperature all night! 

We deliver our double mattresses all over the UK, and for our customers, in Scotland, we even offer an installation service to save you any hassle. Our friendly team is always on hand to help with any queries, so why not start finding your dream mattress?