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  • How To Look After Your Mattress

    How To Look After Your Mattress | Nimbus Beds
    Looking to get the best from your mattress? Then follow our top tips to help prolong your mattresses lifespan.
  • About Us

    About Us
    Who are Nimbus Beds?  Nimbus Beds are a small family run independent business. We started trading in 2014 and since have been the fastest growing independent bed retailer in Scotland. We have a small close knit team including our Mattress Mascot and our lovable huskies Blue & Smokey.  Leading Independent Retailer Our customers tell us they love our independent advice and expertise when helping them select...
  • The Best Mattresses For Your Sleep Position

    The Best Mattresses For Your Sleep Position
                  We all have our own preferences in the way that we sleep. Some are more obscure like having a blanket on them at all times, regardless of the weather. Or sleeping in the pitch dark. But the most common preference is our sleep position. Whether you are a side, back or tummy sleeper. It is crucial to understand the...
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