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Double Beds | Nimbus Beds

The ideal bed if you need a little extra wiggle-room, our double bed frames are a brilliant option for anyone that needs more bed-room to get a great kip. Our double bed size is always a go-to choice for anyone that wants the added room, without the hassle of taking up too much space.

Choosing a bed with enough surface area can be a little daunting and figuring out exactly where your new bed will fit isn’t a relaxing experience. The double bed is a great middle-ground option that gives you plenty of space to sleep comfortably. Even better, our double bed width of 135cm fits nicely in most rooms!

Here at Nimbus beds, we think that a super comfortable bed shouldn’t mean cutting back on style. We have heaps of double bed design choices for you to take a look at, and dozens of fabric options that let you customise your bed to compliment your room. If you’re not sure which upholstery is right for you, why not check out our swatches?

Our designs are second to none, and with our customisable bespoke approach to sleep, you’re sure to get the perfect bed for you. Looking for a timelessly elegant french design to add some extra panache to your bedroom? The Drew bed is just what you’re after. Or if you fancy a trendy sleigh bed that makes a statement, why not take a look at the Milton bed?

We don’t just offer amazing looking designs, we have all the trappings you need for a great night's rest. Our double bed mattress options are designed in house by our team, and we have an option to suit everyone's comfort level. So if you need a double bed that’ll have you drifting off in no time, we have what you need!


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The Padded Divan Base - Nimbus BedsThe Padded Divan Base - Nimbus Beds
The Padded Divan Base Angebotab £169.00
The Peta Bed Frame - White Finish - Nimbus Beds
The Georgia Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
The Georgia Bed Frame Angebotab £562.50
Zanden Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsZanden Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
Zanden Bed Frame Angebot£539.00
One Panel Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsOne Panel Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
One Panel Bed Frame Angebotab £905.00
Rio Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsRio Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
Rio Bed Frame Angebotab £1,295.00
The Peta Bed Frame - Oak Finish - Nimbus Beds
The Jess Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsThe Jess Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
The Jess Bed Frame Angebotab £637.50
The Kingston Bed Frame - Black - Nimbus Beds
The Kingston Bed Frame - Black Angebotab £370.00
The Manhattan Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsThe Manhattan Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
The Manhattan Bed Frame Angebotab £399.00
Sunset Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsSunset Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
Sunset Bed Frame Angebotab £1,065.00
Vertical Panel Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsVertical Panel Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
Vertical Panel Bed Frame Angebotab £965.00
Intense Vertical Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsIntense Vertical Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
Intense Vertical Bed Frame Angebotab £965.00
Honeycomb Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsHoneycomb Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
Honeycomb Bed Frame Angebotab £1,065.00
Chesterfield Curve Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsChesterfield Curve Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
Chesterfield Curve Bed Frame Angebotab £1,065.00
Chesterfield Bumper Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsChesterfield Bumper Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
Chesterfield Bumper Bed Frame Angebotab £1,065.00
Charlie Studded Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsCharlie Studded Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
Charlie Studded Bed Frame Angebotab £1,065.00
Bauhaus Patterned Bed Frame - Nimbus BedsBauhaus Patterned Bed Frame - Nimbus Beds
Bauhaus Patterned Bed Frame Angebotab £1,065.00
The Adjustapedic Bed - Nimbus Beds
The Adjustapedic Bed Angebotab £1,025.00