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King Headboard | Nimbus Beds

Trying to create a sophisticated bedroom that’ll have you nodding off in total comfort? Finding a bed frame that’s tailored to your tastes can be tricky, and replacing a king size bed frame can be a real nightmare when you’re trying to refresh your bedroom. So why not get the indulgence of a king bed without all the stress (and cost) of a whole new bed frame?

Our king size headboard range gives you all the sumptuous style that comes with a king bed, and none of the fuss of bed frame shopping! If you have a king-size bed frame that you love the feel of but think that it needs an added touch, then a king headboard lets you change the whole look of your frame. With our wide and varied selection, you can find a headboard that gives your bed frame exactly the look you want. 

There’s nothing worse than trying to give your bedroom a fresh new look, but your current bed frame sticks out like a sore thumb. Buying a brand new bed frame can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean giving up on your dream bedroom decor! A king headboard size allows you to change up your bedroom furniture without having to spend a fortune.

We have a selection of styles that we’ve designed ourselves, and with our choices in fabric swatches, you can find the style that’s right for you. If you’re after a bold tall king size headboard, then our Hexham 24” headboard has all the glamour you’re looking for. We deliver our king size headboard UK wide, so everyone can have the perfect bed without any hassle.


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Banbury 24'' Strutted Headboard - Nimbus BedsBanbury 24'' Strutted Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Banbury Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Reading Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Reading Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Reading Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Whitney Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Whitney Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Whitney Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Ripon Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Ripon Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Ripon Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Hexham Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Hexham Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Hexham Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Flatboard Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Flatboard Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Flatboard Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Dorchester Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Dorchester Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Dorchester Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Chelsea Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Chelsea Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Chelsea Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Cambridge Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Cambridge Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Cambridge Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Camborne Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Camborne Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Camborne Headboard Angebotab £169.00