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The ultimate indulgence, a super king is a guaranteed route to a regal sleeping experience, so why stop at size? The super king bed size is fantastic for having more than enough wiggle room to lounge in, but finding the right style can sometimes be difficult. Even more of a conundrum is wanting to zhush up your bedroom, without replacing your bed frame.

Here at Nimbus beds, we have the solution to your decorating dilemmas, with our range of sumptuous super king headboards! With heaps of our bespoke designs to choose from and several fabric swatch options to explore, we’ll help you get the superking headboard you need for a palatial touch to your room.

Our super king headboard size is ideal for larger rooms, and adds a truly attention-grabbing touch to your room! If you already have a super king bed frame and feel like it doesn’t quite match your style and tastes, then a super king headboard can help tie all your furniture together. Or, if you’re tired of your bedroom (and not in the eight hours of sleep sense) but don’t want to waste money on replacing a good bed frame; a super king headboard can transform your bed frame until it looks good as new!

Choosing a super king headboard is easy with our wide range of styles, so you can have a high-quality design that looks great. Add to the glamour of a super king bed with our Margate 24” headboard. And for a large super king headboard that brings opulence and comfort to the table, the Ripon 24” headboard is a must-have. We deliver our super king headboard UK wide, so everyone can experience a Nimbus sleep experience.


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24" Banbury Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Banbury Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Banbury Headboard Angebot£169.00
Banbury 24'' Strutted Headboard - Nimbus BedsBanbury 24'' Strutted Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Banbury Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Reading Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Reading Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Reading Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Whitney Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Whitney Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Whitney Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Ripon Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Ripon Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Ripon Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Hexham Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Hexham Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Hexham Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Flatboard Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Flatboard Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Flatboard Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Dorchester Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Dorchester Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Dorchester Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Chelsea Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Chelsea Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Chelsea Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Cambridge Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Cambridge Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Cambridge Headboard Angebotab £169.00
24" Camborne Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Camborne Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Camborne Headboard Angebotab £169.00