Tips and Tricks For A Gorgeous Guest Room

Tips and Tricks For  A Gorgeous Guest Room - Nimbus Beds

With hairdressers and (more importantly in our humble opinion!) home shops finally opening their doors in the last week, it seems as though we can finally look forward to getting on the road back to normal. While having overnight guests may be a long ways away, there’s no need to miss sleepovers, since there’s no better time to start gussying up the guest room!

It’s been far too long since we’ve welcomed anyone round, so why not put all that tier three waiting time to good use? Creating a space that you’ll be racing to offer up once it’s safe to do so is a brilliant way to make good use of your lockdown weekends and impress your friends, family and in-laws with a spare bedroom that’ll feel like a second home.

 If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t fret. Here at Nimbus, we know a thing or two about amazing bedroom furniture (drop in our showroom if you don’t believe us!) so we’re here to help with some of our expert tricks of the trade for a spare bedroom you won’t just want to use for storage.

Find The Perfect Fit

Since spare bedrooms often live up to their names by being a little scant on space, it can be a challenge to find the right size of bed that’s comfortable, looks great and doesn’t take up 90% of your floor space. But why should you have to sacrifice style for space?

If you’ve been looking for small bedroom ideas, then a small single bed is ideal for you. They say that big things come in small packages, and that is certainly the case with this compact bed frame. If you often have young children staying over, or if your spare room is also your box room, then a small single bed is just what you need. 

Why should you have to sacrifice style for space?”

Or if you have a little more space to work with, but still aren’t keen on committing to a large bed frame, then we would definitely recommend the small double bed frame size for the best of both worlds. Luckily for you, all of our bespoke designs come in a range of sizes, as well as our mattresses of course, so you can still get a stylish bedroom no matter how much space you have.


Choose Your Style 


Once you’ve landed on which size of bed will fit best in your guest room, it’s time to think about what style of bed frame you want to go for. Since all of our bed frames come in a choice of sizes the worlds your oyster when it comes to choosing the perfect bedroom design for you.


If you’re taking bedroom decor ideas from a more classic source, then we would recommend a frame like the Drew bed. Taking inspiration from fashionable french design, this bed has a wonderful old-world feel while still keeping up with the times. The style of curved headboard adds a touch of class, and as an added touch, this bed features rolling feet ideal for moving around.


With An Elegant Design, This Bed Frame Style Makes For A Timeless Room

Or if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and want a spare bedroom to keep up with the latest trends, then a contemporary frame like the Candy bed is an a la mode style you’ll love. With a blend of subtle modern design and plush comforts, this bed frame is an of the times piece that’ll complement any bedroom.

Perhaps if all these beds are a little too out there for you, then a versatile frame that can easily fit in with a range of style would be up your street. The Amber bed is a perfect example of a bed that looks great no matter what bedroom decor you decide to go for, and the plush padded upholstery keeps your guests comfy no matter how long they’re staying.


The Amber Bed Frame Is A Versatile Option

          The Perfectly Versatile Amber Bed Fits Right In With Any Decor Style


Save On Storage With Handy Beds


Like we said in the first wee section of this post, saving on space is important when it comes to a guest bedroom. If you have friends or family visiting from afar, with a lot of luggage in tow, then a storage bed is ideal for saving on cupboard space and mixing fashion and function.


If you need some added space for your guests to store their clothes, or even if you want some extra storage for your own bits and pieces, then our divan beds are a brilliant way to add some sneaky bedroom storage. With your choice of drawers as well as a range of fabric swatches ready for you to choose from, the divan bed base is a storage solution ideal for your spare room.


Of course, that’s not where our range of storage beds end. Our ottoman beds come in either a side lift or front lift options and easily lift up from the base to reveal a hidden under-bed compartment; ideal for tucking away any bags and suitcases your guests might bring along. When it comes to bedroom storage ideas, these beds are brilliant for killing two birds with one stone.


Nail The Details With Accessories


Now that we’ve perused styles and sizes for your bed frames, what about the finishing touches? From cushions to blanket boxes, the right accessories can turn a drab spare room into a gorgeous guest bedroom you’ll be itching to offer up. Our range of accessories can also add an extra touch of comfort to keep guests cosy.


Oceania Blue Cushion

          The Right Cushion Can Tie Your Whole Room Together


We design and create our very own pillows, specifically to add to the pure comfort of our bespoke designed mattresses and make for an unbeatable nights rest. Of course, adding extra cushions will keep your nearest and dearest even comfier. With a wide selection of cushions on offer, we can help with finding the perfect one to tie your bedroom together.

Since we’re so happy to be back in our shop in Glenrothes, we’ve decided to offer our customers £5 off all of our accessories, so you can create your dream guest room. All you have to do is leave a review on any of our products that you’ve enjoyed, and we’ll send you a voucher for a fiver off all of our amazing accessories. So, if you’re looking for a reason to transform your guest room, we have a deal you won’t want to miss!

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