Double Headboards | Nimbus Beds

Double Headboards | Nimbus Beds

Decided on a double bed but feel like it needs a little something extra? Not to worry, our double headboards can turn a ho-hum bed frame into an attention-grabbing centrepiece you won’t want to leave in the morning. A double bed headboard lets you completely change the look of your bed without having to resort to throwing out the whole frame, and adds a layer of comfort to your bedroom!

Our double headboard size is a favourite with our customers, as it fits nicely in most rooms while giving you all of the space you need to relax, unwind, and escape from the world. If you need the extra space to stretch out while you sleep, but don’t think a king or super king-size would be a comfortable fit in your bedroom, then a double headboard size is the go-to option.

The most popular headboard size, you can get the best of both worlds with a double headboard. Enjoy the comfort that comes with added space, without worrying about whether or not it’ll fit in your bedroom. We have plenty of options for an upholstered double headboard, so you can find one that’s a perfect finishing touch to your bed.

Choose from stunning styles like our Charlie studded floor standing headboard or the high-quality Camborne 24” headboard. We have a large selection of different fabric swatches for you to choose from, so you can create a double headboard that’s perfect for the last detail. We deliver our double headboards UK wide, so you could soon have the finishing touch to your bed right on your doorstep!



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24" Reading Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Reading Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Reading Headboard Cena promocyjnaOd £169.00
24" Whitney Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Whitney Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Whitney Headboard Cena promocyjnaOd £169.00
24" Ripon Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Ripon Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Ripon Headboard Cena promocyjnaOd £169.00
24" Hexham Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Hexham Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Hexham Headboard Cena promocyjnaOd £169.00
24" Flatboard Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Flatboard Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Flatboard Headboard Cena promocyjnaOd £169.00
24" Dorchester Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Dorchester Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Dorchester Headboard Cena promocyjnaOd £169.00
24" Chelsea Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Chelsea Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Chelsea Headboard Cena promocyjnaOd £169.00
24" Cambridge Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Cambridge Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Cambridge Headboard Cena promocyjnaOd £169.00
24" Camborne Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Camborne Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Camborne Headboard Cena promocyjnaOd £169.00