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Finding a single bed that saves on space without saving on style can be tricky, so why not transform a drab single bed frame into the pride and joy of your bedroom? Our single bed headboard options make for an easy (not to mention cost-effective!) way of changing up your bedroom without needing to swap furniture. Here at Nimbus beds, we have heaps of fabric headboard selections that are sure to switch up your space.

Our single bed headboard size is a fantastic way to spruce up even the smallest of spaces. Adding a single headboard to your room is a clever way to give box rooms and smaller bedrooms a makeover without swamping your floor space. Even better, they can also add an extra layer of comfort to single beds and can help you to have a restful sleep.

Chic and cosy, our padded headboard range is ideal for giving your single beds a new lease on life! If you want to give your child or teens bedroom an upgrade, then our headboards are a great way to update their rooms without needing new furniture. You can even use a floor standing headboard to revitalise your spare bedroom that you’ll be offering up in no time.

We have a large selection of fabrics to choose from, so if you fancy a grey single headboard that fits with any colour scheme; or have your eye on a velvet headboard look for a touch of elegance, then we have an option for you!

Whether you go for the timeless Chelsea 24” headboard or our plush Cambridge 24” headboard our bespoke approach to bedroom furniture gives you high-quality with every one of our designs. If you need any advice on our headboard range, our sleep experts are always on hand to help.


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Banbury 24'' Strutted Headboard - Nimbus BedsBanbury 24'' Strutted Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Banbury Headboard Prix de venteA partir de £169.00
24" Reading Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Reading Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Reading Headboard Prix de venteA partir de £169.00
24" Whitney Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Whitney Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Whitney Headboard Prix de venteA partir de £169.00
24" Ripon Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Ripon Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Ripon Headboard Prix de venteA partir de £169.00
24" Hexham Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Hexham Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Hexham Headboard Prix de venteA partir de £169.00
24" Flatboard Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Flatboard Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Flatboard Headboard Prix de venteA partir de £169.00
24" Dorchester Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Dorchester Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Dorchester Headboard Prix de venteA partir de £169.00
24" Chelsea Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Chelsea Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Chelsea Headboard Prix de venteA partir de £169.00
24" Cambridge Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Cambridge Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Cambridge Headboard Prix de venteA partir de £169.00
24" Camborne Headboard - Nimbus Beds24" Camborne Headboard - Nimbus Beds
24" Camborne Headboard Prix de venteA partir de £169.00