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Santa Visits Nimbus - Nimbus Beds

Santa Visits Nimbus

It's that magical time of year again when the mornings get colder, the lights start going up on houses and eventually, Santa makes an appearance to give gifts to the children and spread happiness and joy. Luckily for children in Fife, they don't have to wait until Christmas day to see Santa!
Christmas Tree Madness - Nimbus Beds

Christmas Tree Madness

Christmas is a magical time of year, from the weather getting colder and the magical decorations everyone puts up to the looks on our friends and loved ones faces when they open up there presents on Christmas day, it is a time of year that should bring everyone together for  some family and social time    Getting in on that Christmas spirit this year, Nimbus beds has become one of the newest vendors of Real Nordmann Christmas Trees to the Fife area. It has been a success so far with many customers travelling from across the Central region of Scotland...

Nimbus on the Rise - Nimbus Beds

Nimbus on the Rise

One of the greatest things about being a small, growing business is when the people behind the magic get the recognition they deserve for the hard work, energy and relentless passion they have displayed when building their business.
Bespoke Bed Building - Nimbus Beds

Bespoke Bed Building

At Nimbus we can't always know exactly what our customers want, but that gave the team an interesting an idea of letting the customers decide as they build and design their own custom bed frames. On Monday November 14th we launched our bespoke bed building tool letting customers build their own upholstered beds and view the variations they are applying in real time - an so far this has proven to be rather successful. Nimbus Beds is the only independent bed store in Fife that currently has a bed builder and can offer it's clients the ability to see what they building before...

What is Crib 5 Compliance? - Nimbus Beds

What is Crib 5 Compliance?

When we talk about CRIB 5 or Ignition Source 5 furniture or furnishings, including beds and mattresses, we are referring to the fire safety level of the materials, all of which have to be tested and passed UK Fire Regulations 1988 compliance assessments. The tests carried out do not make an item entirely fireproof, but dramatically reduces the risk of ignition which could potentially save lives.
Can Sleep Help You Lose Weight? We Spoke To A Personal Trainer To Find Out! - Nimbus Beds

Can Sleep Help You Lose Weight? We Spoke To A Personal Trainer To Find Out!

Keeping up an exercise regime and a healthy sleeping schedule can be a bit of a nightmare. Losing weight is enough of a challenge without having to worry about getting in a full eight hours every night.  Although, it turns out that getting a good night’s rest is actually more important than you’d think when it comes to keeping fit and maintaining a healthy diet. We wanted to find out why sleep is so important to weight loss, so we thought we’d ask the expert and talked to physical trainer Rachel Elizabeth to find out more! Introducing Rachel Hi! My...