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How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger - Nimbus Beds

how to make box room bigger

Often when we are scrolling our favourite home accounts or visiting amazingly decorating showrooms, the bedroom spaces are large and airy. Though many of us may dream of having a huge bedroom space to fill as we please, in reality, not all of us have that luxury. So how do you style a small bedroom and make it appear bigger than it actually is? 

Below we are sharing some tips and tricks to make even the tiniest of box rooms look welcoming. 


Bed Size Matters

This may seem obvious to some, but we feel we really need to say it. Size does matter, especially when it comes to small rooms. And in this case, bigger is not better! That is not to say that we expect you to sleep uncomfortably on the smallest bed you can find. However, cramming a super king-sized bed into a small narrow room is an interior designer's worst nightmare. 

Aim for a minimum of 70cm to a metre in space between the wall and the edge of the bed. This leaves ample walk space while helping to make your room appear bigger than it is. 


Optimize Storage Options

Let's face it, the number one issue with small bedrooms is the lack of storage space for your clothes, shoes and other accessories. Luckily for you, Nimbus Beds stock beds and divan bases with drawers and storage functions. Depending on how much storage you need, one of our most popular beds for this very problem is our Ottoman Lift Bed

The whole front lifts up to reveal a large storage space where you can easily pack away your shoes, clothes and bedding. Ideal for those that do not want to clutter their already small rooms with chest of drawers and wardrobes. 

Whatever you choose, making sure that the minimal furniture you do decide to use in your small bedroom has optimal storage options is essential for good small bedroom styling. 

If you want to have a look at our divan bases with added drawers click here.


Arrange your Furniture The Right Way

Whether you are bothered about Feng Shui or not. The way that your furniture and items are arranged in your room makes a big difference in how space is perceived. Stack everyone up against the smallest wall in the room and you can be sure to have a bedroom that not only looks smaller than it is but also extremely cluttered. 

Choosing the right angles is the key to optimizing your room space. It is generally advised to put your bed up against the biggest wall in the room while keeping the space next to and in front of the windows clear. Another thing to consider is how much furniture you can actually afford to have in your room without making it look crowded. Go minimal where possible, if there is no room for two bedside tables, then maybe opt for only one or none at all. 


Create An Illusion With Decor Tricks

Once you have your bed and furniture arrangements sorted, the trick is in the details. Sometimes even a small floor lamp can look out of place and crowded in a small bedroom. So how can you decorate your room without drawing attention to its size?

 Use mounted lights instead of table and floor lamps that can take up precious space and if you are installing curtains, mount the rail and drapes as close to the ceiling as possible to create an illusion of height. Another popular and foolproof trick is to incorporate mirrors in darker corners or hung on a wall to give the impression of a bigger space as well as spread natural light throughout the room. 

And last but not least it goes without saying that clutter and mess often looks worse in smaller spaces, so keep things as simple as possible while keeping on top of mess and untidiness.


Whatever the size of your room, whether you have a tiny box room or a standard small room, we hope that these little tips on how to make your small bedroom look bigger have inspired you. If you need any other information about some of the beds and mattresses we stock then get in touch with one of our sleep specialists.

Happy Sleeping!

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