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Can Sleep Help You Lose Weight? We Spoke To A Personal Trainer To Find Out!

Can Sleep Help You Lose Weight? We Spoke To A Personal Trainer To Find Out! - Nimbus Beds

Keeping up an exercise regime and a healthy sleeping schedule can be a bit of a nightmare. Losing weight is enough of a challenge without having to worry about getting in a full eight hours every night. 

Although, it turns out that getting a good night’s rest is actually more important than you’d think when it comes to keeping fit and maintaining a healthy diet. We wanted to find out why sleep is so important to weight loss, so we thought we’d ask the expert and talked to physical trainer Rachel Elizabeth to find out more!

Introducing Rachel

Hi! My name is Rachel, I’m a psychology graduate from Fife and currently, work full time with kids in residential care. One of my biggest passions is fitness, and I am currently studying my level 2&3 personal training qualifications. I work with 2 girls at the moment via online coaching to help build my skills and portfolio and I am loving every minute of it.


Sleep Health With Personal Trainer

 I know firsthand the effect working out and eating healthy can have both mentally and physically so to be able to share my experience and help others with this, is a dream come true. 

Is Sleep An Important Part Of A Healthy Exercise Plan?

To be able to reach a healthy balanced lifestyle, there are many key aspects that should be factored into your daily routine. The obvious ones such as exercising and eating healthy are vital but people often forget that things like sleep, mood and environment can also have a major effect on your health. 

“ Your muscles not only repair and recover during sleep but also grow so it is very important to make sure you are getting an adequate amount each night. “ 

Personally, I believe sleep is an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle plan. For the average adult, I would recommend at least 7 hours of good quality sleep per night. Getting enough sleep helps your body re-energise itself, it helps improve your mood and also helps with stress and mindset. I also explain to my clients that your muscles not only repair and recover during sleep but also grow so it is very important to make sure you are getting an adequate amount each night.  

How Can A Great Night's Sleep Have An Effect On What You're Eating?

A good night’s sleep can also affect healthy eating. A healthy diet can improve sleep quality and duration. From personal experience and research, I can say that when sleep-deprived, you are more likely to consume foods that are high in fat and sugar and more likely to consume more food than you normally would. Sufficient sleep is so important especially when it comes to a healthy diet. 

Can Exercise Help With Improving Your Sleep Schedule?

Exercising also affects the quality of your sleep. I can only see the benefits of regular exercise on your sleep. It helps with the duration of your sleep as well as how long it takes to fall asleep. Stress is strongly associated with sleep deprivation however, regularly exercising allows your body to release endorphins which act as a stress relief which in turn makes room for a better sleep schedule. Let’s be honest, after a hard gym session, all our body does is want to relax and recover, therefore exercising often will increase your sleep drive. 

What Are Some Ways To Relax And Wind Down Before Heading To Bed?

My favourite ways to wind down before heading to sleep are to either pamper myself by having a bath, do some skincare and switch off my phone so that I can properly relax. Or I do love to just chill in bed with a Netflix series and forget about all my work and studying so that my brain isn’t in overdrive before sleeping. I think it is important to have some downtime before going to bed otherwise your sleep probably won’t be the best it could be. It’s the best time to relax and recover for the next day ahead.

Get Your Best Night’s Sleep Possible

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. To get in touch with Rachel and kickstart your healthy exercise regimen, visit her on Insta

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