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Bespoke Bed Building

Bespoke Bed Building - Nimbus Beds

At Nimbus we can't always know exactly what our customers want, but that gave the team an interesting an idea of letting the customers decide as they build and design their own custom bed frames.

On Monday November 14th we launched our bespoke bed building tool letting customers build their own upholstered beds and view the variations they are applying in real time - an so far this has proven to be rather successful. Nimbus Beds is the only independent bed store in Fife that currently has a bed builder and can offer it's clients the ability to see what they building before making the purchase.


Our Bespoke Bed Building Experience

Online is now the most popular place for people to buy things, from food shopping and clothes all the way to cars and houses... so why not your bed too? Many of our customers come in search of our custom made upholstered beds so it only made sense to make them as accessible and easy to buy as possible - giving you as many options as possible (Including ordering fabric samples)

Our bed builder allows you to choose:

  • Your favourite style and design
  • The sizing of your bed
  • The height of your footboard
  • To add wings to your bed
  • To add Studding to your wings
  • The height of your headboard
  • If you need a mattress
  • If you would like a 5 Year Warranty. 

Although we have put lots of work and effort into our bed builder we still cannot offer all options that we have available in store. To get the most out of your custom bed creation and some hand on experiences you can stop into either of our Nimbus showrooms


Bespoke Bed Building In-Store

 One of the benefits of in-store shopping is getting to try our mattresses, feel all the available fabrics and view our impressive selections of beds and bed frames, but, one of the more unique points of coming in store is having the freedom and ability to customize frames even more than using our online tools

Nimbus sleep specialists have access to add additional extras to your bed, making it more personal and potentially better suited to you or your room of choice.

In-store benefits to bed building include:

  • Wider range of available frames
  • Adding contrasting light or dark piping (pictured below) 
  • Studding on side rails and/or your footboard
  • Patterning on side rails
  • Increased headboard height (above 155cm)
  • U shaped footboard
  • Many more
    Above you can see a dark contracted piping in back running around a headboard(left), and a Chevron patterned bespoke bed frame which currently isn't available online.
    If we don't have it online, we will probably have it in store - Find your nearest store today!

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