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How To Look After Your Mattress | Nimbus Beds

How To Look After Your Mattress | Nimbus Beds - Nimbus Beds

After purchasing your ideal mattress it is essential to adopt the right practises to get the best use out of it. Most people don't know how to properly look after their mattresses and inadvertently damage it without realising. So we have put together our best tips to help you look after your Nimbus Beds Mattress and continue to sleep soundly through the night.


We all have our favourite spots and sides when it comes to sitting, sleeping or just hanging out. But when it comes to your bed, constantly staying in the same place can wear down your mattress. That is why we advise to rotate your mattress every few months 180 degrees so you can even out the wear and help keep your spine aligned and supported.


Lets be honest, how often do you actually clean your mattress? We all are on top of regularly cleaning our bedsheets, duvets covers and pillow covers on weekly or bi weekly basis. But do you ever clean your actual mattress? We recommend giving your mattress a good clean every 6 months. How? It is as simple as running your vacuum over it. This allows you to suck up dust, hair and dead skin cells (yuck) while giving your mattress time to breathe. If you want to go a step further you can sprinkle some baking soda over the top. Allow it to sit for a few hours and then vacuum it up. It will come out as good as new! 


It sounds obvious but there are still some people who do not invest in a good mattress protector. Adding a mattress protector can add years to the lifespan of your mattress by protecting it from not just accidental spills but also from sweat, dust, skin cells and even bed bugs. 

PRO TIP: Though mattress protectors are the most popular, protectors are not just for mattresses. Pillow protectors are just as necessary. Ever taken your pillow out to find that it has turned all shades of yellow despite having a pillowcase? That is because the oils and sweat from our skin and hair slowly transfer to our pillows, staining it in the process.

If you need a quality mattress protector for your Nimbus Bed Mattress or a pillow protector. Then get in touch with Ross or George and they can help you find the right one.



All good things must end at some point. No matter how well you look after your mattress it will need to be replaced at some point. If you have been looking after your mattress and following our top tips then generally you need to replace your it every 10 years. However, if you have not been looking after it it may need replaced sooner.

If you are due a new mattress then check out our range here or get in touch with Ross and George and they will help you find the best mattress suited to you.



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