The Nimbus Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

The Nimbus Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021 - Nimbus Beds

The Nimbus Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

It’s official, Fathers day is right around the corner and Dads are still as hard to buy for as ever. With so little time before the 20th (this Sunday if you’ve forgotten) it can be tempting to just grab a jumper from somewhere and call it a day. But we think that dads deserve more than just a novelty mug.


It’s a pain to shop for the man who has everything, so why not go for something he actually needs? On average, a new parent loses about 109 minutes of sleep per night. Per night! There’s no getting back all those sleepless nights, but you can make up for it with some brilliant presents. 

This fathers day give the dads in your life the gift of a great kip, with our guide to the best fathers day gifts for dog-tired dads. From mattresses to pillows, and even some brilliant accessories, we have heaps of ideas to give your dad the rest he deserves.

Sleep Out, Caffeine In

It might not be a great substitute for a proper night’s rest, but there’s no denying that a good strong cup of coffee is the best way to get going in the morning. That’s why a coffee-themed gift is a perfect present for any sleep-deprived dads. Whether he’s a coffee connoisseur or just a fan of caffeine, there are some subscription boxes out there that make for a great fathers day gift.

Treat the dads in your life to new and exciting coffee flavour with the Blue Coffee Box, or make sure that running low is never an issue with a subscription to Grind. While coffee helps beat tiredness for a while, there’s no substitute for the real thing.

Give Your Dad The Best Kip Possible With A Great Mattress

When it comes to getting the proper nights sleep, having the right mattress can make all of the difference. However, the “right” mattress is a wee bit subjective. There are tons of options out there to choose from, and each of them gives different benefits that suit different peoples sleeping needs. Mattresses can be a pretty important investment, so taking away the stress of shopping for one makes for a great gift for fathers day.

If your dads a snorer, then a soft mattress is a brilliant option for a more peaceful nights sleep. Snoring happens when you sleep on your back, as it constricts your airways. If you want to cut back on noise, then sleeping on your side makes a huge difference, and soft mattresses are perfect for side sleepers. Our EasyCare Mattress is a perfect option if we do say so ourselves, or you can go for the slightly firmer Posture Pocket 1000.

If you want to treat them to a mattress that’ll go the distance, give them a brilliant nights sleep, and offers unbeatable support for improved health; then the BackCare Comfort Mattress is a must-have. With a firmer feel and full-body support, dads with aches and pains will love this mattress.

Treat Him To A Comfy Pillow For A Great Nights Sleep

Snoring can turn silent nights into a bit of a nightmare, and since over half of adult men do it, there’s no escape. Weirdly enough though, the cure for it is getting more sleep. With so many dads struggling with less sleep, and an even worse sleep schedule in the long term, getting a proper bit of shut-eye takes a bit more work. One way you can help this fathers day is with a brilliantly comfortable pillow.

Hear us out, choosing a proper pillow can make all the difference when it comes to getting your eight hours a night in. Even more importantly, the right one can help to alleviate troublesome aches and pains. There’s plenty of pillow options to peruse, whether you need to beat the heat, or just want the best of the best to get a proper kip.


Otty Cool Blue Pillow

           Help Get Rid Of Troublesome Aches And Pains 


If you’re dads been struggling with the heat through the last weeks UK heatwave (first of all, us too) then the Snow Pillow will make for a fantastic gift they’ll use all summer. Featuring nifty nordic chill technology, it soaks up body heat way faster than regular cotton pillows and stays cool to the touch through pillowcases.

If taking care of neck pain is a bit of a problem, then the OTTY Cool Blue Pillow is a must-have. With temperature regulating properties and soft memory foam, this pillow moulds to offer the ideal level of support and comfort.

Give The Gift Of Bedroom Storage

Ok so on the surface, bedroom storage might not seem like the most exciting of gifts, but any parent knows that if there’s one thing they’ll always need more of; it’s storage. If all the cupboards, drawers, cabinets, or even nooks and crannies are filled with other stuff, a bit of clever storage can go a long way towards helping the dads in your life out.

One way you can really wow this fathers day is our range of fantastic divan bed bases. With a high-quality fabric upholstery that’ll complement any bedroom, these bed bases feature a row of customisable drawer options. We also offer other options with some great ottoman bed frames, which open to reveal heaps of space. Storage beds are a fantastic way to add more space to any bedroom and are ideal for busy dads that need more room for all their bits and bobs.


Front Lift Ottoman Bed Frame

Get Plenty Extra Storage With An Ottoman Bed

If a full bed frame is a little too much, then why not opt for a blanket box? A wonderful accessory that easily elevates any bedroom, these boxes are perfect for storing spare linens, extra clothes and much more.


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