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We all have our own preferences in the way that we sleep. Some are more obscure like having a blanket on them at all times, regardless of the weather. Or sleeping in the pitch dark. But the most common preference is our sleep position. Whether you are a side, back or tummy sleeper. It is crucial to understand the impact our mattress can have on our joints particularly our spine. Your sleep position can have a huge impact on your overall health with neck and back problems often being attributed to poor positioning on the wrong mattress. So here is a guide to find the best mattress for your sleep position.

Side Sleeper

According to The Sleep Council, 41% of the UK Population prefer to sleep on their side. In particular, the foetal position. Though the position can at times result in a numb arm. The side position is considered to be the healthiest for pregnant women and those suffering with heartburn. It helps to increase circulation and keep the airways open - great for those with sleep apnea. However it is said that the left side is better than the right.

So what mattress is recommended?

A medium to medium soft mattress is recommended for side sleepers. This is because it allows the mattress to softly contour your body's natural curve, keeping your spine straight.

We recommend the following mattresses for side sleepers.

 The Posture Pocket Range

 The Forever 21 Collection


Back Sleeper

Whether you adopt the "Starfish" position or the "log", the back position is the least popular out of them all. Although maybe not the most comfy of positions, sleeping on your back can be beneficial to your spine, head and neck, leaving them in a neutral position. Though problems my arise if that wrong mattress is used. 

So what mattress is recommended?

Back sleepers require more support from their mattress than other sleepers. So a firm or orthopaedic mattress is highly recommended. 

 The Evolve Collection

 The Evolution Orthopaedic Range


Tummy Sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach is touted by many as being the "worst" position for sleeping. Often the cause for neck and should pain, back sleepers tend to put unnecessary strain on their backs and joints, often causing muscle and nerve damage. 

So what mattress is recommended?

The best route would be to try and change your sleep position. However if this is impossible then it is essential that you choose a mattress that has the adequate support for your spine and joints. We would recommend the following mattresses

 The Evolve Mattress Collection

 The Comfort Gel 2000

 The Back Care Comfort Range


Whatever sleep position you prefer, we are sure to have the ideal mattress for your needs. If you need any more information or guidance please feel free to contact either George or Ross who would be more than happy to help.

Happy Sleeping

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