Christmas Tree Madness

Christmas Tree Madness - Nimbus Beds
Christmas is a magical time of year, from the weather getting colder and the magical decorations everyone puts up to the looks on our friends and loved ones faces when they open up there presents on Christmas day, it is a time of year that should bring everyone together for  some family and social time 
Getting in on that Christmas spirit this year, Nimbus beds has become one of the newest vendors of Real Nordmann Christmas Trees to the Fife area. It has been a success so far with many customers travelling from across the Central region of Scotland to pick up a Real Nordmann Christmas Tree  for only £45 - which beats some of our competitors by over 50% in price!


Above you can see some of the many happy Nimbus customers collecting their Christmas Trees from both our Cupar and Thornton Stores. 
As well as Trees the Nimbus team have busy working away to create more festive treats and events including the Santa's Grotto every Thursday night from 4pm - 8pm which aims to give children a magical experience visiting Santa... more on that shortly!
At Nimbus Beds, we are always on the look out for new and exciting ways to engage with our customers and to provide some of the essentials, so Christmas was the perfect time to try something new and diversify over the winter period.
Keep your eyes open next year to see if the Real Nordmann Christmas Trees return.


Nimbus on the Rise - Nimbus Beds
Santa Visits Nimbus - Nimbus Beds

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