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Bedroom Trends To Follow in 2020

Bedroom Trends To Follow in 2020 - Nimbus Beds

Our bedrooms are more often than not our little piece of privacy and personal haven that we retreat to after a long hard day. So it is no wonder that a vast majority of people put a lot of importance on their bedroom style and like to express themselves in the way that they decorate their bedrooms. 

Last year we saw the interior design market inundated with grey upon grey upon grey. (Thanks Mrs Hinch) But this year we can expect to see a bit of colour seaping in and livening up our bedroom decor. So looking at a range of interior design gurus and emerging trends, we have put together the top bedroom decor trends of 2020.

A Touch of Colour

Though grey is definitely still in, we are seeing little touches of colour starting to emerge on the bedroom decor trends of 2020. With Deep Blues and Mustard Yellows featuring in the spotlight. Add little bits of texture and colour to your bedroom by adding cushions and throws. If you are bold enough then sprucing up your bedroom with a bold coloured headboard or bed frame will definitely win you some interior design brownie points.

Have a look at my top Nimbus picks to get your colours on trend this year.


Minimalist & Natural


As people are becoming more in tune with the benefits of natural surroundings. We are seeing a lot of added nature to peoples households, especially the bedroom! Touches of green have been known to help keep stress levels down and have a calming effect. So there is no where better to store some plant life! On top of that they look great when dotted about the room in different patterned pots.

 Add some small table plants on bedside cabinets, or hanging plants from shelves to generate a serene natural feel to your bedroom. Or add large leafy potted plants to your bedroom corners to get in the trends and add a little oxygen to your room.


Warmer Neutrals


 Move over grey, beige is here to stay! Well at least for the year 2020. This year we are seeing the usual grey and white combo transform into soft browns and beiges adding a touch of chic elegance. The soft beiges add warmth to your bedroom making it appear cosy and comfortable while still projecting style.

Add brown fur throws to your bed ends or add touches of wood n the form of photo frames or even headboards. Why not go for a beige coloured upholstered headboard to soft up and add warmth to your room.

Here are some of our Nimbus Bed frames in beige to get you on track to having a stylish bedroom.


Oversized Headboards and Wall Panels

 An emerging trend that is bond to take off in 2020 is the oversized wall panel headboard. With numerous showrooms and interior design accounts featuring this amazing statement look. 

Make your bed more than just a bed. these wall penal headboards are a centre feature in the room almost replacing the need to have patterned or vibrant wall paper.

Speak to our consultants so they can guide you towards the best headboards for your style and room.


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